Video monitors are becoming increasingly popular among parents who want to keep a close watch on their children. Some video monitors connect directly to a paired monitor, while others have the ability to connect with a smartphone via Wi-Fi. While convenient, video monitors pose similar security risks as most Internet of Things devices, including a stranger being able to see and communicate with your child(ren)!

Here are a few tips to ensure the video monitor in your home is both safe and secure:


Check the manufacturer’s website to learn about what security measures are built into the device. Also, look at independent consumer review sites to read about other’s first-hand experiences.

Change factory defaults

for username and passwords. Similar to your home Internet configuration, you’ll want to change up your login credentials regularly and not share them anyone. Also, never use anything with personal identifiers, such as your home address or last name being your Wi-Fi name.

Turn off your device.

When it’s not in use, turn the device off to restrict access to it.

Register your device.

In doing so, you’ll receive notifications when updates to the device’s software are available and/or if there are any defects, recalls or data breaches on it.

Last, check with your childcare providers. If they operate video monitors, ask them about its security features and how the provider monitors who is accessing the camera.