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Protect RFID Cards from Identity Thieves

Block Your RFID Credit Cards from Identity Thieves!

Do you have a Visa payWAVE®American Express® ExpresspayMasterCard® PayPass™ and/or Discover Zip credit card? While it  can be a convenient way to pay because it is a contactless method of payment, it can put you at an increased risk of identity theft while you're out shopping during the holiday season. 

How so?! These cards are embedded with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a small device that transmits payment information from that object to another device. Criminals are able to capitalize on this technology via electronic pickpocketing where they use a scanner to capture your credit card number, expiration and CVV code from a distance without ever having to touch your purse or wallet.

With all of the foot traffic in shopping malls and travel during the holiday season, you can’t be too careful. For added protection, we recommend that you set up alerts to monitor your accounts, practice general security measures and consider RFID blocking products, such as those displayed below.

RFID Purse Organizer RFID Credit Card Sleeve Red RFID Wallet