Especially around the holidays, you may find yourself dining out more often. When you dine out, you’re not worrying about food prep or cleaning up after a meal. Instead, you’re relaxing as you should! But, while you’re enjoying the time outside of your home, be sure to not let your guard down when it comes to protecting your identity.

Here are a couple tips to help keep you safe while dining out:

Use cash over credit/debit.

It might not feel convenient to withdraw cash ahead of time, but knowing that will be your form of payment will help keep you on a budget and reduces the risk of your card information being compromised. This is especially true if you are at an establishment that will collect your card to start a tab, then hold onto it until you’re ready to leave.

Be aware of your surroundings.

While you are out, don’t leave your wallet or purse unattended. If you use a card to pay, make sure you review the bill prior to giving your server the card so you can verify the charges. Some restaurants may use mobile devices that allow you to swipe your card at the table to pay, but if you’re not in that situation, keep an eye on your server while they have possession of your card. When you sign the credit card slip, make sure the amount matches the bill you have already reviewed and that the slip you are leaving for the server doesn’t contain your full credit card information. Last, monitor your accounts to confirm that the amount you authorized on your card is the amount you are charged.