Most days are spent in the car whether driving to work, school or running errands. To that end, have you thought about how the items in your car could increase your risk of identity theft or fraud?

Here are a few everyday items that you may want to think twice about keeping in your vehicle.

Garage Door Opener.

It clips easily on a visor, so why not keep it convenient? Unfortunately, if your car is left unlocked or broken into, a thief could quickly get into your garage. And unless you lock the door between your home and garage, they could quickly gain access inside the house.


If you get pulled over by the police, you’re asked for license, registration and proof of insurance. You likely keep your license in your wallet, but most people will keep the other items in their glove compartment. Unfortunately, if either paper contains your home address, consider keeping them in your wallet instead. The reason being that leaving it in the car lets thieves know where you live… especially in cases where a garage door opener is stolen. Other paperwork with personal information that you should be careful not to leave in your car includes purchase documentation and repair paperwork.

Stick Figure Family.

You’re proud, it’s cute and it gives the outside world a glimpse of your life, from the size of your family, to hobbies and any pets… but it’s also a risk. It can give strangers a topic of conversation with your children or alert thieves if there’s a larger dog in the home.

Personal Items.

From laptops and sports equipment to department store bags, if you have to store anything of value in your car, try to conceal it. This is especially important during the holiday season where you may be traveling between stores for the best deals… and thieves are casing cars in parking lots.