It is the season to wear fun costumes and enjoy the door-to-door visits! But, whether you’re handing out candy at your own home or have your children out trick or treating, here are some safety tips to help you keep the sweetness in the celebration.

Identity Safety

– Don’t put your children’s names somewhere (e.g. costumes, bags) where strangers can see to call your child by name. Do put their names and phone number in a private location (e.g. sleeve) in the event of separation.

Safe Routes

– Check the National Sex Offender Registry and plan your routes accordingly.

Door Safety

– Never enter a home or allow entrance to your home. Anyone who enters your home could be making note of the layout for future entry or looking for items of value that are within quick reach, etc.

Adult Supervision

– It’s easy for children to get caught up in the excitement of the occasion, and all of the extra sugar will certainly feed their energy and curiosity. Always make sure children are accompanied by a responsible adult.

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