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Why Do People Still Use Checks?

Why Do People Still Use Checks?

Having been around for more than a century, checks are a trusted, paper form of payment made out to a person, organization or business that will deduct funds directly from your checking account. While the popularity of check writing is not what it was 10-20 years ago, many people still use personal checks as their preferred form of payment.

Checks are commonly written by someone when paying their bills, such as a car payment or mortgage, making a charitable donation or paying for extracurricular activities, like youth sports programs. Using a check in place of cash or money orders means that you have a paper record of payment, both in your own records (the carbon copy of your duplicate checks or your checkbook register) and in those records with your bank (monthly account statements.)

Duplicate checks are manufactured into pads comprised of alternating sheets of carbonless check paper and lighter identically numbered plain paper. The carbonless check paper automatically records every transaction onto the plain paper to create a permanent reference copy. Our entire personal check line is available in your choice of one-part or duplicate check formats.

When you write a check to gift a person or organization money, you always want to keep track of that exchange of money in case it can be considered a tax-deductible donation. The best way to keep track of this donation is by using duplicate checks.

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