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Person inserting a credit card into an ATM

Avoid Scams at ATMs and Gas Pumps

Credit card skimmers and shimmers are small, illegal devices fraudsters attach to ATMs and gas pumps in order to steal your credit card information. While these devices are rare, here's what to watch for:

Skimmers are placed on the outside of the card reader. Skimmers are easier to spot since they're bulky and often look like they don't belong on the machine. Watch for mismatching colors or odd fitting equipment.

Shimmers are placed inside the card reader. Shimmers are thin and harder to spot, but they can be noticed inside the card slot if you look carefully.

Check for tampering. If a panel looks like it's been removed or if any pieces seem loose, take caution. Be on the lookout for any pieces that look odd or move when they shouldn't.

Consider where the machine is located. These devices are more common on ATMs that aren't in busy areas.