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Lost wallet on the ground

What to Do if You Lose Your Wallet

Losing your wallet, whether you've misplaced it or had it stolen, is a situation that none of us want to find ourselves in. With any luck, a good Samaritan will return it, but it's wise to treat a lost wallet just like a stolen one. Here are a few key steps you should take if yours goes missing.

  • Call your bank. If you had your checkbook or debit card in your wallet or purse, be sure to let your bank know. They can freeze your card or checking account to prevent unauthorized usage.

  • Call your credit card companies. Ask them to cancel those cards and issue you new ones. You aren't responsible for any fraudulent purchases on your card as long as you report the card stolen or lost.

  • Set up fraud alerts. Contact the major credit bureaus to issue a fraud alert. This will result in extra measures to verify your identity.

  • File a police report. It's always possible that somebody will turn your wallet in and it's also important to let authorities know in the event of fraudulent activity on your accounts or identity.

Are you signed up with SentryShieldSM Protection? SentryShieldSM Identity Restoration Pro includes check fraud and identity protection services that can give you added peace of mind in the event of a lost wallet. Replacing any items that were lost can be a hassle but remembering these steps can save you from much bigger headaches down the road.