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Stay travel-safe while you celebrate the holidays - Couple walking in airport with rolling luggage

5 Tips for Traveling Safely

After last year's pause, many Americans will once again be traveling to see family this holiday season or taking a much–needed winter escape. Unfortunately, travelers are often easily targeted for fraud or petty crime.

Share these ideas with your loved ones and stay safer while you're away from home.

  • Know your neighborhood
    Look at maps, ask knowledgeable friends and learn about where you're visiting—including local laws, customs and unsafe areas that you should be aware of.

  • Free Wi–Fi could cost you
    Be careful with sensitive data while using hotel, resort or public Wi–Fi systems—if it isn't encrypted, your data may be at risk.

  • Snap a selfie of your ID
    Make copies of important travel documents like your ID or passport and store them in a safe place in case you lose the originals. Especially when traveling internationally.

  • We're on vacation = Our home is empty
    Consider holding off posting vacation pictures on social media while you're traveling. Thieves have been known to use this information to target empty homes.

  • Leave unnecessary valuables at home
    Expensive jewelry or electronics can be lost or stolen from your carry–ons, luggage, hotel rooms—even safes. Only bring what's needed.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking a moment of precaution before you travel can make all the difference. Stay safe and bon voyage!